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We will do our utmost to embroider whatever you want on your leash, but reserve the right to refuse to embroider content that may be deemed offensive or in poor taste. Fun and humorous is encouraged. We cannot embroider any trademarks, registered logos or licensed material.

Be advised that no two computers will display colour palates the same shades, so the colour choices are a generalization. The actual collars are a marbled, two shade colour as shown in our collar samples in the "Gallery".

We will do our best to replicate the icons you choose, but due to adjustments in sizing to fit, they may not be exactly as shown. If you have any ideas for your own icons, send us a note in our comments section. We will let you know if it is available.

When you build your leash you are looking at a generalized look of the product. It is our goal to place all embroideries on the leash so it is proportional.

Please check that spelling and names are correct. We will embroider what you type in the box.