There are many choices when ordering your Dream Collar and Leash:

We have placed a sampling of the designs available to complete your collar in the “Build Your Dream Collar” however we know there are a lot of great design ideas out there that you will come up with for your dream collar.  Please just drop us a line on the “Contact Us Page” with your ideas and we can make it happen.  

The price range for the collars is $22.00 to $32.50, depending on width and hardware.  We offer 3 widths for our collars, and 2 types of hardware.  The hardware choices are black plastic, or a metal/plastic hybrid for extra strength and style.  Shipping and handling is a flat $5 per order.  It’s FREE with any order over $100.

PLEASE NOTE:  The smaller the collar the smaller the embroidery area we have for your design.  We may not have the space for multiple designs, your dog’s name and a phone number.  But if you place your order we will certainly do our best to accommodate your request.


The price for a leash is $25.

You can order from 2 – 6 feet in length.


How to order your custom DoubleDog Stitches and Designs Collar:

Step 1: Measure your dog’s neck for size.

The finished collar will be made to adjust 2 inches larger than the neck size that is ordered.  The embroidery area on the collar varies depending on the size of your dog’s neck.

This will allow the collar to be adjusted 1 inch smaller and 2 inches bigger than the neck size ordered without interfering with the embroidery.  If your embroidery order cannot be fitted into the embroidery area, we will contact you to discuss appropriate changes.

Step 2: Choose the type of hardware:

  • Metal Hybrid (metal buckle/plastic clip)
  • Plastic

Step 3: Choose your fabric & backing colour.

We have 2 polka dot designs and camouflage.  Click our GALLERY  to check them out. 

Step 4: Choose your embroidery.

Once the order has been placed you can expect delivery within 3 weeks.  We will try to accommodate any orders that require delivery sooner if our production schedule allows.

How to order your custom DoubleDog Stitches and Designs Leash:

Step 1: Choose a length from 2 feet to 6 feet.

Our leashes are 3/4 inch wide with a standard clip.  We also offer a mini-clip for our smallest fur-kids.

Step 2: Choose your fabric and lining colour.

We have 2 polka dots designs and camouflage. Check out our GALLERY.

Step 3: Choose your clip size.

We offer a standard clip and a mini clip.

Step 4: Choose your embroidery.

We will place the embroidery on the end of the leash closest to the clip.  If you would like the embroidery in a different position on the leash please let us know in the  “comments or request box” on the leash page.

Regular delivery time will normally be under 3 weeks.