How to determine the length of the collar for my dog?

Measure your dog’s neck where the collar is normally worn using a measuring tape. Or measure the current length of your dog’s collar.  As our collars are adjustable we leave approximately 1 ½ inches of adjustment.

Can I preview my collar or leash before it is finished?

Put your request in our comment section.  We can email you a picture of your collar or leash.  This is a good time to check for any changes you may want to make.  Please remember, this is your custom collar.

Can I choose a design that is not on the design page or collar section?

Yes you can.  Fill out your request in our comment section or send us an email to rob@doubledogstitches.com. If we can find your design we should be able to put it on a collar or leash.  Size can be an issue with ¾ inch collars.

Can I have a design with a reflective collar or leash?

Yes you can.  But there are limits based on the length of collar. We will let you know if it will not work.  The smaller the collar the less space is available for the embroidery.

Can I choose a different font?

Yes you can.  But after testing many different fonts we have found that a basic block font in CAPITALS works best.

Do I have to put my dog’s name on the collar or leash?

No.  You can put whatever you like on your collar or leash.  Of course we reserve the right to limit objective language or trademarked names or logos. Names and phone numbers are a popular combination.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, unless there is a defect in the product (not caused by normal wear and tear) we cannot accept any returns.  This is a custom made product just for your pet.  This is the reason we would be happy to show you a mock-up of your collar before it is sent to you.

If you feel you have a defective collar or leash please contact us, and we will review all inquiries on an individual basis.  We reserve the right to repair or replace your collar or leash at our expense.